Bible Adventure

Bible Adventure

Every Wednesday, from 09/13/2023 to 05/01/2024, 2:00 PM - 2:30 PM

(times approximate) The Bible Adventure Program is a Pennsylvania state approved program which allows public school students to be dismissed from school for religious instruction. Students must have parental permission to participate. Bible Adventure is not illegal in any state, but laws and restrictions vary from state to state. Contact Joy El Generation for information concerning Pennsylvania.  

The Benefits for Your Children

Enrolling your child in the Bible Adventure/CIA Program benefits him or her in many ways. The National Council on Crime and Delinquency did a study on Bible Adventure/CIA classes that found the following:

  • “A comparative review of all 4th and 5th graders involved in this program perform better than their classmates as a whole in almost every category”;
  • “Bible Adventure/CIA students improved after one year in three categories of literacy skills: comprehension, spelling, and vocabulary”;
  • “The program also provides youth with strong adult mentorship and bonding, and reinforces positive moral and character development in an environment where teachers and administrators struggle with unruly students.”

Students who participate in Bible Adventure/CIA are being educated far beyond their peers who don’t attend. These are just a few of the proven benefits that Bible Adventure/CIA has provided to students.

  • Bible instruction—Bible lessons are taught simply and clearly, incorporating an understandable Bible principle for the child to practice. We don’t want to overwhelm children with too much instruction at once. The lessons we’ve developed allow children to grasp and apply a simple principle before moving onto the next one. The teaching of biblical principles by caring adult role models results in both spiritual and academic growth.
  • Bible memory work– God’s memorized Word is a valuable resource to the mind and heart for life. Scripture memory develops mental sharpness and equips children to live in the abundant life God offers.
  • Character instruction– Good character qualities and attitudes are modeled and taught, with encouragement for the child to make them personal habits. Spiritual and character training equips children to make good choices in a culture that often promotes less than God’s best.
  • Relationships– Beneficial bonds of friendship, trust, and affirmation are established between your child and at least one caring adult.
  • Learning skills– Practice at listening, memorizing, thinking, and processing along with positive social interaction strengthens the same skills that are vital to public school education.

Ready to enroll your child? Check here for our list of schools where Bible Adventure/CIA is currently available. Click here to enroll your child.

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