Serve - Children's Ministry

Hello!   We hope you are finding good health during a truly unique time of opportunity.   First things first, Thank you, whether this is your first time considering a position with the children at ValleyView, or you've been long serving!   We have renovated our Children's Wing/Program during our God-given period of rest (aka quarantine).   We have also created three (3) different documents to help us better serve you and our children...

Volunteer Form - This document lists every single position available for teaching and volunteering.  If you're interested, please select all that apply.  If you would like time to prayerfully consider a position, please still check that you are interested, as this will allow me to know who to follow up with.  If you are currently volunteering, I would ask that you please also fill it out so that I know if you are still interested in your position(s), would like to change things up, or need rest.  Please fill out a separate form for EACH volunteer.

Getting to Know You - This form allows us to get to know you better.  Feel free to fill out as much (or as little) as you'd like!

Getting to Know You (Children) - This form is actually for the CHILDREN of ValleyView!  Parents/children can fill out this document to help our children's team get to know them better.

THANK YOU again for your consideration.  We cannot wait to continue to build the future of ValleyView with you through our children!
Feel free to send these documents through any of the following avenues

  • Church Email:
  • Mail: ValleyView Alliance Church, 200 Alliance Avenue, York, PA  17406